Who Are You? 😃❤️

It’s totally up to you! No one else has the power to define you unless you give it to them. As children we want approval so much. Our parents and others reflect back to us their opinions of who we are. However, as children we don’t know it is just an opinion and not an accurate definition. Others’ opinions of us are fleeting at best, inaccurate and lasting at worst. Yet, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is how one feels about her/himself. You get to define who you are every day. Nothing is set in stone. We are changing evolving beings.

Also let’s stop looking to others for approval. Either people like us or they do not. It’s not our job to conform to who they want us to be nor would it make a difference. How others see us is largely due to their feelings, perspectives, perceptions about their own self worth, their socialization, their issues, not ours.

Let’s set ourselves free from past limitations, past judgements, past experiences, old excuses, and from the need to try to please others, especially when it is keeping us from living our best lives. Let’s embrace who we are and define ourselves. We can reinvent ourselves as often as we desire. It’s our birthright to live authentically and happily now and ever after!


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