Paradise is a State of Mind

We all want our desires to manifest as soon as possible. We often think life will be easier and we will be happier when we… get the new job, lose the extra weight, meet that special someone, buy this or that… This list goes on and on.

However, as soon as we get the thing or situation that we think will make our lives better, we soon realize it’s only a temporary fix. There’s always more to want in our lives. Making peace with where we are at, is a moment by moment or day by day process.

Making the best of where we are now is important. Seeing the silver lining to every cloud makes life easier. It gets us through the hard times and makes the good times even better. Knowing that we are never alone helps tremendously too. It’s truly an art to learn how to soothe yourself back into well being. Yet it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Sending positive vibes and much love out to all of my followers and blogging friends! 😘🙏

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