Shine On, Regardless… ❤️

People may try to put you in a box,

With labels, and beliefs about what they think you are,

They don’t realize that what they see,

Has nothing to do with you.

It’s all about them and their perceptions.

You cannot force someone to see your light

If they are focused on anything else.

You cannot force someone to know the love in your heart.

All you can do is keep shining,

Keep believing, keep trusting, and continue to live your best life.

Know that your well-being is guaranteed regardless of any others’ perceptions.

For the key to your happiness lies only in your hands. ❤️🙏

8 thoughts on “Shine On, Regardless… ❤️

    1. I hope it comforted you. I’m still learning that I can only control my happiness and it’s an inside job. Sending you a big hug! Shine on, sister! You are a bright light and I appreciate you!!! 😘💖✨

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