Phoenix Rising ✨🔥✨

There isn’t a person alive, who will not have challenging experiences, heartache, and grief. Those are common denominators for all of us. We can also share the experiences of love, joy, peace, hope, and bliss.

My question to you is how do you deal with the painful experiences? We have lots of choices and there is no one “right” answer for every person nor for every experience. We usually need time to heal, to recover, and to process the experience in our own ways.

My suggestion is to take the time you need to regain your strength and to steady yourself. During that time, keep hope alive, nurture yourself daily, be easy and kind with yourself and others. Eventually, with enough practice and time, wounds heal. However, at some point, we have to be willing to move on, to stop nursing the old wounds and feeding the old experiences, and to stop looking backward. I want to encourage you to RISE like a PHOENIX. I want you to know that painful experiences do not have to limit nor hinder you for the rest of your life.

It is ultimately up to you. You can stay stuck in the past. You can limit yourself. You can let a very painful experience feel like an energetic shackle that keeps you stuck in a victim mentality. OR you can slowly and surely pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and regain your steady footing. You can use that same experience to propel you into your greatness, into a life that you never knew was possible. You can let the hardest and most painful experiences be the metaphysical fire that transforms you forever! And you can RISE and SHINE! You can let tragic catastrophic experiences be the fuel for making your dreams a reality!

But again, it’s all up to you. No one can do it for you. I know you can do it! I have absolutely no doubt in the power of our mind, spirit, and body to endure when necessary, to overcome, and to thrive and shine brighter as a result of living through the pain. It is through surviving those extremely difficult experiences that enable us to soar higher and higher than ever before. Those experiences can and will become the wind beneath your wings, if you keep believing and have faith that all things are possible.

I assure you. I believe in your deserve-ability and your worth. I know for certain, because I have lived it and I too am…. a PHOENIX RISING!

10 thoughts on “Phoenix Rising ✨🔥✨

  1. I so appreciate Soulful Healthy Living, and you, Payton. I look forward to your posts and they are part of my morning routine. Your words have helped me clarify concepts and get ideas to stick. Thank you!
    BTW- what happened to the share options for this post? No icons…

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    1. Thank you so much, soul sister!Your words mean way more to me than you know! I appreciate your friendship and I am learning with you! I love how we were brought together through common interests. 😘💖🌈 I’m still learning about WordPress, so I’ll have to check into the share icons. Or I may just post it again… 😉✨🔥

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      1. I’ve been in your position so I think I do get it. I know how important it is to get feedback/support from your followers. As “human” as desiring approval is, we still do! No judgement at all…you need to know you are reaching people. Right? And I’m letting you know, you are!

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  2. To help myself in terribly hard times, I have taken to reading motivational and inspirational books. I have them on audio in my car, on my phone and of course, paper copies too! These truly have saved my sanity in hard times. It may not work for all, but these words of encouragement truly work for me.
    Thank you for your fantastic post!

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    1. I also read inspirational books and listen to or watch videos on YouTube. It’s nice to know there are so many ways to receive encouragement. 💖 Thank you for reading and commenting. 🙏🌈✨

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