Authenticity ❤️🦋

There are a lot of people talking about authenticity these days. We are encouraged to be our authentic self. What does that really mean? To me, it means learning to follow your heart, trusting yourself, and having the courage to live in accordance with your inner guidance. You may think that is easy to do. However, other people’s opinions matter to us. Most of us want to get along with others. We often want approval from others, especially from loved ones.

I want to encourage you to listen to your heart. What do you love doing? What type of activities are you passionate about? What excites you? How would you live if you cherished each and every day? Can you imagine what living your best life would look and feel like? It is a lot to consider.

Live your best life now, as best as you can, from moment to moment. Don’t wait for others to lead the way. Each day you have the ability to follow your bliss. Yes, I know most of us have to go to work. Yet, we have the choice to think thoughts that uplift us wherever we are. We have the opportunity to speak uplifting words to others. We can do random acts of kindness. We can live according to what’s feels right and good for us.

Sure, some people won’t approve of us or don’t like us. But for those people, we could live our lives exactly as they want us to ~ and they still wouldn’t like us. For people like that, you can never please them because they are not happy with their own lives. We could refer to people in that category as, “fault finders.” They are always looking for something or someone to criticize.

My gentle suggestion: Love them anyway!!! ❤️Don’t let other people’s issues be your issues. All we can do is our best, from moment to moment. It is not our responsibility to make other people happy. It is our responsibility to make ourselves happy. Lead by example. Feeling good about yourself and being true to yourself is priceless.

I am still learning that it is okay to live large. It is okay to love ourselves. Maybe the key is knowing without a doubt that we are always supported, loved, and cherished. We are all worthy! We are all valuable!

I appreciate your participation with me on my journey. I see us all living and loving the life of our dreams! Have a wonderful day, friends, and shine! 💖😀

2 thoughts on “Authenticity ❤️🦋

    1. Yes, yes indeed. It is worth asking ourselves, how long are we going to wait to embrace ourselves and our hearts desires! ❤️ thank you for reading and commenting! Have a beautiful day! 😀

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