Blossom In or Out of Season ❤️

Happy Monday, everyone! I saw this magnificent flowering Christmas cactus last week at a close friend’s house. I found it surprisingly delightful that it was flowering in April. I know there are variations of the this plant and it may not be completely unusual for it to blossom in other times of the year. However, I had not seen a Christmas plant of such magnitude with so many beautiful blossoms outside of the Christmas season. This plant is symbolic to me of the many ways that humans can grow and shine in expected and unexpected ways.

Not only does my friend have a

green thumb, the plant obviously gets the right amount of water and sunlight to grow. I also know that my friend appreciates her plants and she gives them love and attention. I started thinking about what humans require to blossom? We know the basics: air, food, water, shelter, sleep, love, and relationships, etc. What can we give to ourselves to assist us in living our best lives? I think patience, encouragement, self-love, and appreciation are important. In addition, we don’t always have to go non-stop. While we are busy with work and other obligations, lets not forget to nourish to ourselves each and every day too with positive thoughts and affirmations of well-being. 

Sometimes we expect the best in ourselves and others and yet sometimes we are surprised with the ways we blossom in our lives. Here’s to starting our week off with positive expectations, taking good care of ourselves, and living our best life – one day at a time. 

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