Grey Skies πŸ’–

Don’t worry about any grey skies. At first glance, dark skies may feel heavy and overpowering. Yet there is always light within the darkness. Wait in peace for the silver lining to reveal itself.

Relax into the knowingness that the sun always shines again. Understand that just as the rain is necessary for the flowers to bloom, your grey skies provide the wind beneath your wings. There is no doubt that you too will blossom into your greatness. The sun rises through and above the clouds, and you too, my friend, will rise and shine. ❀️ But for now rest and relax into the surety that well-being is the order of the day.

Opportunities are coming and when they present themselves to you, don’t be scared to shine brightly. You have gifts that only you can offer to this beautiful world. Your light is needed and you deserve to live your very best life!

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