Wise and Wealthy ❤️

As kids we learn through the media that having “things” is important ~ toys, gadgets, computers, clothes, jewelry, nice cars, houses, anything material (bling as it’s called today). 😉However, all of those “things” are illusory. Material possessions cannot bring lasting happiness. Peace and happiness are cultivated from within moment by moment. I love knowing that my joy is an inside job and it is absolutely free. I appreciate all that I’ve experienced that has brought me to this place of knowing that we are all worthy and deserving of all we desire. By being authentic and living our best lives, we open new doors to life. I embrace the new opportunities coming my way! I am excited to follow my bliss with more passion than ever before! I encourage you to never give up on life. It is truly what we make it. I’m on vacation this week with my beautiful bright son. I feel richer than ever just laughing and playing with him on the beach. 💖 I hope you enjoy your day and your life, one moment at a time. 😍

3 thoughts on “Wise and Wealthy ❤️

  1. What a wonderful gift Gage is! And what a wonderful gift life is… Through my desire to move to NC and a little upstream paddling I have been opened up to so much wonderful stuff (learning, emotions and even some additional income). I am definitely understanding more and more what is truly important and relaxing into the journey and really enjoying it. 🚀❤🌈🦄😍🎆💃👏😊😊😊😊😊 #Learningsomuch

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