Be the One… β€οΈπŸ˜πŸ’–

Be the one who…

Appreciates, loves, and basks every day.

Be the one who knows her/his power when others are afraid.

Be the one who lives authentically.

Be the one who always knows that things are working out, even way better than expected.

Be the one who listens with clarity to the gentle inner guidance that is always being offered.

Be the one who bounces back quickly when out of alignment.

Be the one who sees the best in others when they are not showing it.

Be the one who is light when others are focused in darkness.

Be the one creating a ripple effect of love.

Be the one who reminds others that all is well, regardless of how it may look at any given moment.

Be the one who allows herself/himself time to rest and regroup when needed.

Be the one who prefers to compliment rather than criticize.

Be the one who is confident, knowing the whole universe supports her/his desires. ❀️


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