Celebration of Life ðŸ’—

Yesterday I attended the Celebration of Life for my dear friend and soul sister, Linda Hicks. It was the most beautiful service that I have ever witnessed. Thank you to Paula Zabkar, Minister at Spiritual Soul Center, for preparing and presenting an incredibly positive and heartfelt service for Linda.

I learned so much from Linda about being authentic, embracing life, living and loving life passionately, not caring what others think, as well as deep faith in a higher power.

More and more, I realize what’s most important to me – Living fully and authentically every day; cherishing time with my family and friends; making peace with life and others; choosing love instead of fear; seeing the best in myself and others; letting people off the hook; taking responsibility for my life, well-being, and happiness; forgiving myself and others; staying present in the moment; releasing the past; appreciating all experiences and all that life offers; following my heart, trusting my guidance; and loving more and more…

Life is meant to be good. Let’s not waste time and energy on anything that doesn’t feel good. Sending love, positive vibes, and a gentle suggestion to live your best life now. ❤️💜💖

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