Staying Positive and Following My Bliss

It often seems that when we go through really hard times in our lives we have 2 main choices: 1) learn to become resilient and have tenacity to reach our goals or 2) let the hardship take us on a downward spiral of despair. We also have our good days and bad days, while fluctuating between those options. It’s not always so clearly defined.

It has taken me a while to learn this but I know for sure that the best way we help others, help our society, and help the planet, is to first take care of ourselves. While we have multiple responsibilities, we are pulled in so many directions with what can feel like so little time.

I am still learning to value myself more and my time as well. I know that to make my dreams come true that I have to prioritize my activities and move forward with confidence knowing all things are possible.

Day by day, I want to make peace with where I am in all aspects on my life yet keep following my excitement. In order to do that positivity and appreciation are essential. I do not join others in their chain of pain. I choose to turn off negative media and nay sayers, while daring to soar higher and higher. I invite you to join me. Life is meant to be good and you deserve to be happy. Let’s take a chance and invest in ourselves like never before.

Hummm, I think it’s time to live my best life now. Where is my highest excitement at this point in my life? How many ways can I follow my bliss?

Feel free to comment with 1 or more ways in which you are moving forward to live your best life now. Sending much love and appreciation to you!


One thought on “Staying Positive and Following My Bliss

  1. YES YES YES! Not only taking care of ourselves but doing so with a connection to our heart. When we continually and repeatedly create that connection it gets stronger, like any muscle, and that is where aligned action comes from. Everything is possible through aligned action!
    One of the reasons we are here is to participate in the elevation of world consciousness and that can only be accomplished when we start with ourselves.
    It is a daily responsibility and when we take that time, life becomes magical.
    I am so happy and grateful to understand that I and I alone create every detail of my life!

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