Checking In and Sending Positive Vibes

Hello friends, I haven’t posted much since COVID-19. Time has been flying by. All is well here. I’m enjoying working from home and home-schooling with my son. We grew sunflowers and wild-flowers from seeds. It has been cool to watch the seedlings turn into flowers.

I have also been busy with self-care and supporting others emotionally. Adjusting to the stay at home guidelines and social distancing has been challenging for most people. This feels like a time for self-reflection, making peace with where we are at, appreciating all life has to offer, and continuing to live & envision our best lives.

Looking forward to connecting more with you! Sending positive vibes and best wishes…♥️ Enjoy your weekend and your life!

Much love & light to you and yours!


4 thoughts on “Checking In and Sending Positive Vibes

  1. Hey love….. 💖 Are the two pics of sunflowers (outside) this years? If so they are AMAZING!

  2. I can hear your sweet voice as I read this! I love where you are at. Sweet spot! Sweet sister!
    Stay in touch!

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