2021 and Reconnecting

A close friend recently asked why I haven’t posted on my blog in 2021. I was surprised when I logged in and saw my last post was in January. Like the ocean, there is an ebb and flow to everything.

It has been a wonderful year. There have been a lot of changes that required extra time and attention. I moved my mother to my town at the end of 2020. Last year was busy with homeschooling, dealing with all the changes due to covid, and preparing for my mother’s move. I have been busy this year with getting her settled in her new home. She lived in her home for 49 years so it was quite an endeavor. She is doing well and happy to be close to us.

My son is doing extremely well. He continues to earn straight A’s in school. I am very proud of him. He also started playing the saxophone last year in 6th grade band. It has been fun to watch him learn. I’ve also learned a lot about music in general.

As with everyone, there have been challenges due to Covid. I made the choice years ago to stay positive regardless of anything and to count my blessings daily. It has been a decision that has served me well.

I hope everyone is doing well. I look forward to reconnecting, posting more often, and reading your blogs.

Wishing you all the best and soulful healthy living. ❤️


2 thoughts on “2021 and Reconnecting

  1. So very grateful that you and your son are living, loving, and learning. Lol…changes, I could write a book on the last year and a half alone, but I maintain my sense of humor about it. Glad you all are well. Namaste.

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