Masterpiece of Peace ❤️

Peace begins with you. Embrace the life that peace brings. Let your life be a masterpiece of peace. Living your best life means being the very best version of yourself, one moment at time. Forgiving others, forgiving yourself, releasing judgment, and finding the sweet stillness that peace brings. Knowing that rainbows always shine after storms. […]

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It’s a New Day!

Happy Monday! I’m feeling this vibe today. Click the link below to hear this uplifting song. It’s a New Day by Eddie Watkins Jr. The Sunshine is shining. Birds are singing outside my window. The beach is glorious. People are fishing and kids are playing on the seashore. Make the best of your day! ❤️💖💜

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Resilience 🌱🌻🌞

It is likely that you have heard these sayings before – “Grow where you’re planted and Growing like a weed.” The resilience of plant life is fascinating to me. Plant life keeps coming back even after drought and natural disasters. According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, resilience is defined as, “the capacity to recover quickly from […]

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Who Are You? 😃❤️

It’s totally up to you! No one else has the power to define you unless you give it to them. As children we want approval so much. Our parents and others reflect back to us their opinions of who we are. However, as children we don’t know it is just an opinion and not an […]

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Christmas Love and Self-Love

I’ve been watching Christmas love movies throughout the week . You know the ones, where people meet someone special during the holiday season. These movies often include Christmas miracles and a marriage proposal. Why is it that our culture thinks love is only important at Christmas (and Valentines Day)? It seems to be so specialized […]

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