Happy MLK Day 2020❣️

Honoring Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his dream. ❤️ I choose love today and everyday. Life is so precious. I don’t want to waste one moment hating anyone. I’m wishing for the highest good for all.

Don’t give up your hope for better days. Sometimes things get stirred up to be brought to the light, healed, and cleared. I imagine a world of compassion and mutual respect, sharing and caring, everyone living their best lives. And so it is in perfect divine timing… Until then I fill my world with positivity and hold the vibration that all things are possible. 💓💓💓 I make peace in all areas of my life, appreciating every person and experience that brought me to this place of unconditional love.

Sending positive vibes to you always… 💜💖😍😘


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